Hello out there, my dear readers! Yes, I am still alive, lol, and still having the time of my life in our nation’s capitol! So much has happened since my last post which I believe, off hand, was in October  sometime? Wow…! *blushes* It’s not that I lost the inspiration to blog between then and now. Quite the contrary! It’s just that Facebook and Twitter often served as quicker, more conveinient mediums  particurally when I was “on the go”, which was/is often the case when it comes to my life as an intern/office manager/field organizer/student (continuing my studies online this semester, though next semester remains to be seen..more on that later in this post). But dcfall11 was always on my mind and radar and I have been meaning to blog the whole time. I actually owe you all several more posts, but I hope this one will make up for my slacking! 🙂

Yesterday evening, a dream of mine five years in the making (well, if you can count the ’08 primaries, when I was rather pissed off at/dissapointed in him but that’s water under the bridge now, lol–though he has been a presence since I was in Kindergarten and I’ve always admired him) came true–I met the 42nd President of the United States and someone who is on my Top 10 list of favorite Dems/political inspirations and most definitely one of my favorite Presidents, Bill Clinton!  I say the meeting had been five years in the making because he came to Reid Park in Tucson back in 2006, during that epic midterm election season, to stump for the terrific and also one of my  inspirations, Gabrielle Giffords. I was all set to go..until I found out it was on the same day as my vital midterm exam for my Psychology class (I was in my second year of college at the time), plus I wound up getting sick that day anyway. Who knew that roughly five years later, on a seemingly random morning, checking my email in the office, I’d find out that not only was the Former President doing a signing of his new book, “Back to Work” at the Politics and Prose book store in Northwestern DC but that there were–surprise!–tickets left to purchase a whole day after they went on sale..and that the tickets were merely the price of the book, $23! $23 to receive the brand new book, get it signed AND get to meet the Former President of the United States! It was an unbelievable, irresistable deal, even if we (my coworker Geoffrey and I..though he didn’t end up going, but instead sold the ticket to my other OFA DC colleague, Tiffany, who ended up going, along with our colleague   James) had to travel 45 minutes round trip on the metro and walk another 15 minutues to the store itself, to purchase them in person, lol. It was completely worth it, though!

Just the fact that attending this signing turned into a mini OFA DC event of sorts (since three of us attended together :)) shows you, I Think, how quickly things can change in the world of politics if you remember back to the 08 cycle!  James thoughtfully saved a place for myself and Tiffany in line (the metro itself wasn’t too slow in that direction–for once! lol–though the traffic was BRUTAL, even just walking there…unbelievably slow red lights and some drivers who definitely don’t deserve their license but that’s a whole other post..;))  The line itself wasn’t too long by the time we all got into it.:

 My OFA DC colleague James (at the very back :)) in line outside Politics and Prose 

 My OFA DC Colleague Tiffany in line–all smiles, despite the bitter cold! 🙂 

 Yours truly in line–had to wear my ‘signature accessory’! 😉  


The line was stagnant until the Former President arrived (he had apparently been stuck in traffic), but then flowed forward rather quickly. We were ushered in, single file, towards the back of the store..and handed candy along the way! 🙂 We had no sooner gotten our candy and started eating it (I personally had a bag of Peanut M&Ms, among my favorites) when we reached the area where the Former President was..only I didn’t realize this until after I had turned my red University of Arizona (my alma matter) hoodie to one of the security staff. James’ meeting had begun when I was asked for my hoodie apparently so by the time I turned around, almsot literally..it was my turn!

I stood, a little frozen there for a minute. One of the Politics and Prose staff had to remind me it was my turn..LOL! I walked forward, put on my best smile and walked up to the 42nd President of the United States, the man I’d first seen on TV when I was 6 years old. He greeted me with that infectious smile, those twinkling blue eyes. He doesn’t look too much different in person, though he wasn’t quite as tall as I’d expected (though I am used to John Kerry!  Who, btw, nothing else can compare to meeting…but that’s a whole other post! :)) . His handshake was warm, sincere..that famous “Clinton Handshake”.      He said something like (keep in mind that I was, admittedly, starstruck, plus, even though I’d expected to meet him, I didn’t expect it to be so sudden!) “Hello, thank you for being here”. And I said something like “Hello, Mr. President..it’s such an honor to meet you.”

He smiled and said something like, “Well, it’s an honor to meet YOU, Young Lady!” (Oh, that charisma! )

He signed my book while I blathered on about how I admire him and what an inspiration he is, then he said

“Bless  you!” I had been “Bless”ed by Bill Clinton..LOL! I walked away, smiling ear to ear with my newly signed book (which I am looking forward to reading!), not believing what had just happened. I still  can’t. Hell, I still can’t believe I’m here in DC, this whole experience…this year itself. I don’t know what I did to deserve these many amazing opportunities and experiences, but I am beyond grateful!

 My autographed book, by and from Bill Clinton  

 Unfortunately, the following pictures are the only ones I have as we were not allowed to bring cameras/camera phones inside, though there were photographers there. Tiffany and I are on a mission to find those pics and when/if we do, I will post them here!

And then this evening, my fellow DNC interns and I were treated to a holiday themed tour of the East Wing of the White House! The tour had been planned since the beginning of the fall program, but became ‘holiday’ by default of the tour taking place within the Holiday season. While I was there in October and while the tour itself–sans the holiday aspect, which was really awesome–was a pretty standard public tour, it was still amazing and still such a privelidge! The White House is absolutely gorgeous and at Holiday time especially, as you can see here..:

 Lincoln Portrait surrounded by gorgeous holiday trees!

 Stuffed Bo–with glasses..squee!

More pics here (technology not cooperating with me at the moment..grr!):


I absolutely cannot wait to return a week from Wednesday for the ‘big enchilada’–the White House Holiday Party!  I have known I was going since September, but it hasn’t hit me I don’t think until just now..still hasn’t really hit me, I don’t think. MUCH more on that in a post to come afterwards! 😉

 I feel so spoiled-I certainly must sound it!  But I honestly do appreciate every aspect and every minute of this amazing experience and am doing my best to live up to and deserve it! I love it so much that I have decided to stay on with the DNC and OFA through this upcoming semester–and just got to official okay and go ahead yesterday! I will be going back to AZ for the holidays on the 18th, but will be returning for the start of the Spring program on/around January 17th (I also may be transferring into an in person program for school for this coming semester, though that’s still a work in progress at this point..). I just couldn’t leave just yet, not with 2012 literally beginning in just a matter of weeks(!), not with so much more left to be done! We will see where these next months, this year (and beyond..) will take me/us, but I fully intend to blog about it all (or as much as I can!)…will probably have to change dcfall11 to dcfall12 though..! 😉

Much more soon-promise!



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DC Intern, in town this Fall, living the dream in the Hollywood for Politicos! :) This blog will be a virtual diary of my experience. And there will be lots of pics! "I want to be somebody I want to make a difference"..--"Be Somebody", Paula Cole

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  1. Kasey Ruble says:

    I could hear Last Gaga singing Starstruck while reading this new experience. Although I am sure nothing could compare to meeting our beloved John Kerry , Bill sure would be one in line for me as well! You made me feel like I was waiting in line with you!! Bill! Bill! Bill! So happy for you Tara!

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