..I will be at the White House, for the Citizen’s Medal event! I am so nervous and excited at the same time. While I have been to the outside of the White House (when I first visited DC, in March of this year) and have seen the President in person three times now (once when he was running in ’08, in Phoenix during the primaries and twice as President-when he came to Boston last year just before the midterms and again Sunday, albeit mainly on the jumbo-tron, haha) , I have neither been inside or have been in that close of a proximity to him. This is such an absolute honor, one that quite frankly feels extremely surreal, especially to a “small town girl” such as myself! Completely pinching myself right now.

Wish me luck! 🙂 There will be of course be a full report and hopefully pictures (I’ve heard conflicting things on what’s allowed when it comes to that, but if I am allowed, you can bet I will be snapping ’em! 😉 lol) to follow on here soon!

Much more soon!



About lattelib

DC Intern, in town this Fall, living the dream in the Hollywood for Politicos! :) This blog will be a virtual diary of my experience. And there will be lots of pics! "I want to be somebody I want to make a difference"..--"Be Somebody", Paula Cole

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  1. Kasey Ruble says:

    Tara, Have fun and you are so lucky!! And if you see the Vice President tell him that Kasey says “Hey”. And if you see “you know who” please say the same whether it’s at the White House or on the street. Have a great time!! Peace

  2. lattelib says:

    Thanks, Kasey!! 🙂 The VP wasn’t there and I didn’t spot our guy unfortunately-but if I am lucky enough to again, I’ll definitely say hello for you-hopefully we’ll eventually get to say hello to him together! 😉 🙂

    • Kasey Ruble says:

      Awe, Thanks anyway! I heard afterwards that the VP was somewhere else today. And that would be the highlight of my life to meet our guy and to have you there too! Someday it will happen I know! Im so glad you had this opportunity. And only a few feet from the Prez!! Oh that is just making me dizzy!

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