Hey everyone,

Though I have been in Washington, DC for almost exactly a month now, I am still completely pinching myself! I still can’t believe I am here, the things I am doing, seeing..the experience in general. I don’t say that to be  boastful but rather out of inspiration…and gratitude.

I visited DC for the first time back in March. That experience–which I should make a separate post about sometime, as it’s part of what led me to and on this journey in the first place–wonderful as it was, does not and perhaps cannot compare with actually being here, day to day. Not that it’s been perfect: the city can be muggy, the Metro absolutely sucks at times (trust me, those Bostonians reading this–the DC Metro may be newer, but the T has it all on it when it comes to efficiency, cost (exitfares! Ugh..lol), etc)  , and expensive! But all worth it. Completely.

I am absolutely loving my internship–or as I now more commonly refer to it, “my job”. Though it doesn’t even feel like work, but more like a very enjoyable privilege. Yes we put in long hours, do lots of paperwork,  in put  oodles of data, and make tons and tons of calls, among other tasks (can’t get too specific in a public forum like this as I signed a disclosure agreement, but you get the picture, I think)…but it’s all very rewarding and very worthwhile.  Particularly when we get to talk with other supporters and potential volunteers, over the phone and gradually, in person (which I will be blogging more about, as much as I can in this setting anyway, as time goes on).  Plus I love my workplace. The people, the energy–I have honestly never   felt more valued, more productive, more included, more seen in a professional setting (though I am so passionate about what I do that the word ‘professional’ frankly feels a bit cold) than I have here. I feel like I am part of something so essential, not just a campaign, but a movement. And though we, at this point of time, are mainly laying the foundation for next year’s election, it doesn’t feel remote at all. Because the moment, the time is–at the risk of sounded cliched--now. 

Obama logo painted onto streetsign post-near DuPont Circle

My purse-Obamanized:)

And I’ve gotten to do some pretty neat things in my spare moments, too. The proximity of our office space to the Capitol has enabled me to attend every meeting of “the Super Committee” thus far–which, both as a confirmed and very proud Kerrycrat and as someone who is genuinely interested in the process  has made me quite happy. I am so pleased that Senator Kerry (and other tremendous progressives like James Clyburn, for one great example) are giving a voice to progressives everywhere on this crucial panel.

  Senator Kerry at Super Committee Hearing-September 22nd, 2011

I also made it the National Book Fair this past weekend, though it was a less than ideal experience in that there were crowds EVERYWHERE, so much so that  it was more than a little difficult to walk around..and the Metro was a NIGHTMARE–especially since they very smartly (insert much sarcasm here) decided to run two trains on the same track and do track maintenance on a weekend when BOTH the Fair and a Washington Nationals baseball game was going on…talk about getting up close and personal with your fellow Metro-ers!   Though as a huge reading enthusiast, I am glad that people are still  so into books! 🙂

Booth at the National Book Fair, near the Monument

Plus I love the place I am currently staying at. My roommates are literally from all over the world (many fellow interns and students). I have learned so much about other languages, cultures, ideas, etc, plus the apartment is in a really great and convenient part of the city!

And….it looks like I’m going to attend the White House Holiday party this December, towards the end of my program! I am still pinching myself (found out last night). I don’t want to make too big a production out of it yet as there is still so much more work to be done and so much time in the program and here in DC yet and I am by no means “done” or “all set”….but needless to say, I am thrilled! This is a pretty big deal for me, both as a supporter of the President, an avid Democrat, and as someone who was born and raised in a small town setting who, just a few years back, could probably only dream of such an opportunity… A real dream come true..this whole experience! I don’t know why I personally was chosen for such an opportunity (the party specifically yes, but all around)   ..but I am so thankful!

Much more to come!



About lattelib

DC Intern, in town this Fall, living the dream in the Hollywood for Politicos! :) This blog will be a virtual diary of my experience. And there will be lots of pics! "I want to be somebody I want to make a difference"..--"Be Somebody", Paula Cole

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  1. magicpoetry says:

    Wooow! Holiday party with the president? Goodness, you’re sooo lucky! You sound like you have a blast and I’m not at all jealous… Ok, I am, lol. But you deserve every moment. I know how hard you’ve worked for this.

    It reminded me so much of something I said about LA what you said about “I’ve never felt more seen…” etc. 😉 I’m so happy for you! *hugs*

  2. lattelib says:

    Your observation in that vein was what inspired me to word that that way! 🙂 Thank you so much hon–I wish I could take you with me! 🙂 *hugs* I am still totally pinching myself! Had to read the email several times and the next day to make sure I wasn’t dreaming it–haha! This is all so much. I feel so honored and prevlildged. Don’t know what I did to deserve all this, but I am beyond grateful and will do whatever I can and try my hardest to live up to it! 😉

    Thank you so much for reading!

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